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We Arrive In 30 Minutes or Less!

Towing Services 

Discover a pleasant tow experience with our team of safe, professional, and experienced drivers - we will have you back on the road in no time!

Roadside Assistance

A breakdown can be a stressful and dangerous situation. Have no fear - Pro-Tow Is Here and Equipped to Handle Any Tow, Any Time, Any Place!

Jump Start & Battery Help

If you find yourself with a dead battery, there’s no need to panic. Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you get your vehicle up and running.

Unlock Vehicle

Whether you’ve lost your keys or locked them inside your vehicle, we can help. Our experts are skilled in providing lockout services for all types of vehicles.

FREAKYFAST Towing Services

Providing Immediate Response Towing Services Is What We Do Best.

Flat Tire Change & Assist

When your tire goes flat or blows out on the side of the highway, you are stranded until help arrives. Call Pro-Tow Auto Transport and Towing for Lighting Fast Service!

Motorcycle Towing Service

You can rely on our full-service towing company that is available 24/7. We use top-of-the-line flatbeds tow trucks which only touch the tires, 100% Damage Free Guaranteed

Private Property Towing

People park illegally all the time, and when they do, you need a tow truck company that knows the law and that safely and effectively handle the vehicles you need towed.

Winch & Recovery Services

We can help recover your vehicle from all types of situations - this includes rollovers, off-road recoveries, multiple vehicle accidents, underwater recoveries, road-side and more.

What Our Fantastic Customers Say

Quick, friendly, responsive and professional. Would highly recommend. Stephan was super and did a great job. They sent him out to help out when I was in a bind!

Elizabeth J.

I had a flat tire without a spare, and need road side assistance right away. 22 minutes, and 10 seconds later... My car was being towed by Pro-Tow. Talk about amazing service.

Christen G.

Best tow truck company around! Would not ever think of calling anyone else. Highly recommend contacting them. Timely, showed concern for the well being of my vehicle and friendly. Wonderful experience.

Stephanie T.

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Johnson County Towing Service

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