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Jump Start &
Battery Services

Useless battery?
Vehicle won't start?
Let us give you a jump.

Jump Start Service

Your car’s battery can fail for many reasons, including extended lack of use, interior lights left on, or cold weather. No matter the cause, having a dead car battery can derail your plans and leave you stranded. Get quick help with a dead car battery from Pro-Tow Auto Transport and Towing | a better alternative to roadside assistance plans.

In general, batteries should last for three to five years. But that time can be much shorter if you drive a lot in high heat or extreme cold. To avoid getting stranded by a dead battery, make sure to have your battery checked during any safety inspection or other visit to a dealer or mechanic's shop,

Incorrectly connected jumper cables can destroy your battery or even your entire engine control computer. After a member of our service staff arrives on the scene, he or she will determine whether the problem lies with the battery or with a different part of your vehicle. If a dead battery is the source of your issues, our staff member will handle the jumpstart process from start to finish so that you don’t have to worry. Just give us a call when you’re in need of assistance! 

What Our Fantastic Customers Say

Quick, friendly, responsive and professional. Would highly recommend. Stephan was super and did a great job. They sent him out to help out when I was in a bind!

Elizabeth J.

I had a flat tire without a spare, and need road side assistance right away. 22 minutes, and 10 seconds later... My car was being towed by Pro-Tow. Talk about amazing service.

Christen G.

Best tow truck company around! Would not ever think of calling anyone else. Highly recommend contacting them. Timely, showed concern for the well being of my vehicle and friendly. Wonderful experience.

Stephanie T.

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