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Private Property Towing Services

Has someone left an abandoned vehicle on your parking lot? What can you do if someone parks on your property and then dines at a restaurant across the street? 

Private Property Towing

Property Manager Or Owner? You Have The Right To Control The Parking On The Properties That You Manage Or Own. We’Re Able To Provide You With The Expert Services You Need To Get The Job Done Right!

People park illegally all the time, and when they do, you need a tow truck company that knows the law and that safely and effectively handle the vehicles you need towed.
Has someone left an abandoned vehicle on your parking lot? What can you do if someone parks on your property and then dines at a restaurant across the street? Can you tow a vehicle from a handicap parking spot if they just run in for a few minutes? What happens if they show up while their vehicle is being towed?

Pro-Tow Auto Transport and Towing Private Property Towing Service can help you with:
  • Overcrowded residence with not enough parking.
  • Blocking trash dumpsters.
  • Abandoned vehicles.
  • Permit parking.
  • Double parking
  • Private parking

100% Damage Free Guaranteed

All of our tow trucks are what is referred to as self-loaders which means to you the property owner a damage free tow of the violating vehicles from your property. The only part of the vehicle that gets touched are the rubber tires.

FREAKYFAST Towing Services

Providing Immediate Response Towing Services Is What We Do Best.



We offer prompt and quality roadside assistance services to the local community.


Locally Owned and operated and have been in business for over 32+ years.


We are available seven days a week, 24 hours a day, including holidays.


Our towing operators are well groomed and required to be in uniforms at all times.

Whether you need fast towing services when you're broke down, or roadside assistance to get your car driving again, you'll be taken care of with reliable, affordable services.

What Our Fantastic Customers Say

"Five Star Service! I’m deeply impressed on how professional Pro Tow is wiht their customers. You tend to think that a towing company as having horrible serivice, but they were nice, and courteous...."


"I had a flat tire without a spare, and need road side assistance right away. 22 minutes, and 10 seconds later... My car was being towed by Pro-Tow. Talk about amazing service."

Christen G.

"Chris was more than helpful. It was FREEZING and he arrived quickly and got my car to the dealership when my car wouldn't start. Really appreciate Pro Tow's help when I was in a bind."

Amber H.
Note to customers: We urge you to be careful about where you park – if you park in an unauthorized area, you can be towed, and you will be responsible for paying to get your car back. We tow unauthorized vehicles for the safety of our community.

Lenexa Towing Service

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