24-Hour Emergency Towing & Recovery

At Pro-Tow Auto Transport & Towing, we work around the clock to make ourselves available to you whenever you need us. We offer our emergency towing services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our team boasts some of the quickest response times in the greater Kansas City area.. Whether it’s a simple tow or a full-blown accident recovery, our customers can rest assured we have the equipment and expertise to perform clean, damage-free work every time.

Private Property Towing

In addition to our emergency towing services, Pro-Tow Auto Transport & Towing also enjoys private property towing partnerships with many property owners throughout Kansas City. If you’re concerned about the presence of abandoned or unwanted vehicles on your property, call Pro-Tow Auto Transport & Towing to see if we can impound them. We can also set up an arrangement to protect your property in the future.

Nationwide Auto Transport

Pro-Tow Auto Transport & Towing performs equipment transport both locally and nationwide. We can transport up to seven vehicles at a time to and from any place in the contiguous United States. Our highly trained drivers are licensed, certified and insured to guarantee the utmost accountability on our end. For the auto transport services you deserve, call Pro-Tow Auto Transport & Towing today!

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